Dont Over Saturate Your Audience !!!

Every band starts building a fan base by getting friends and family to come to shows. They tell other friends and the bands you play with have friends, and so on and so on. If you have something people like ,you will start to develop a following. This is great! However,  it has to be nurtured and it can be a delicate thing.

One thing that will make your band go nowhere is over saturating one area. For example: Youve got a descent set list together. Enough songs that you can play two entirely different sets at any time. Say 25 songs…You meet a club owner who really likes your band, or your band mate knows a guy, who knows a guy who gets you regular gigs…whatever the case may be. Now your playing there every friday night, and unless you’re a cover band who inspires drinking and partying you band may suffer from low attendance . Stop it!  Dont get stuck in the same clubs week after week. Dont play the same town week after week.

Heres why: When your always around and always playing the same old club (especially if you don’t have too many songs), your audience begins to realize if the don’t make it to your show…who cares they will be there next week too…and youll be playing the same set you played last time …this is when your draw as a band begins to dwindle. Not only is this a good way to lose your invitation to the aforementioned club, it also bores your fans and doesn’t make them want to see you.

WHAT DO YOU DO??? Simple.  Get your demo out to other places. Ask other bands to trade shows and most of all…plan only one or two shows a month in your immediate area so you give your fan base a chance to miss you. (absence makes the heart grow fonder)…or was that absinthe??? Anyway.. use some common sense about your booking and always try to expand your fan base.  Give your audience a different set next time…play their favorites but mix up some others in there too, change the arrangement of the set list, add an acoustic song….just give em something new to chew on.