Our dispensary is open daily, all day, everyday! – Not a good source of Vitamin A-Z, Calcium.

Deranged Radio is streaming live from the furthest inner reachings of the mind, or middle of nowhere, we are here to provide you with the candy to tantalize your ears for years. From the twisted news that flows down the pipelines, to the reviews of shows gallore, and even the disjointed thoughts in our own little heads. Our  orderlies are here to serve and entertain.

We’ve been there from the beginning, the very beginning! That big loud sound in the far off distance, the hot and cold, the smog and information abound. Yeah, been there and done that. So rest assured, We got this! (with the help of all those lovely voices ringing in our ears).

No matter the mental state, everyone is entitled to experience utter greatness. Dosage instructions are provided on the back of this label. Please peel here!

We are all a little bit crazy here!

Rubber duckies abound! Just kidding, but here is our “quack” staff of totally unlicensed individuals. Licenses? We don’t need no stinkin’ licenses. The Deranged staff may not be able to practice medicine, but we sure are good at rounding up the crazies.

Our Lunatics

Siglov Freudivan
Siglov FreudivanDoctor of the airwaves
The head nacho himself, Dr. Siglov is the voice of the Deranged Radio, the frontman of chaos, the deliverer of insanity! So on and so forth, enough of the pleasantries, this Doctor has the cure for all of your needs and ailments. Born at the beginning of time as we know it, he’s seen things you could never even imagine.
Livvy Nelle
Livvy NelleGossip Leader
Out in the thick of it all with the multitudes of “normals”, Livvy delivers only the best and juiciest of the news “as is”. She doesn’t have to make you look bad or crazy, we all know you already are. From gossip to world news, to the wild and unbelievable Livvy has got you covered. Nothing but the best for all our insatiable followers.
E. Lectroshock
E. LectroshockFixer of all things
Content is confidential until the F.B.I. clears his background check.

Streaming music for the sane and not so sane! Do you think that your ears can take it? Then sit down and take your medicine.

Dr Siglov