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The Audiophiles

Streaming Rock, Metal, Alternative, Classic Rock and more! Perfect for the sane and not so sane!

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Are you sitting at home and waiting for your meds to kick in or trapped at the office and need a pick me up? Here is what the Doctor ordered… stream Deranged Radio using your favorite music player on your PC or Mac. Simply use the links located to the right to download the playlist. Pooofff! Now don’t you feel better already?

Take us with you when you are on the go; tune in to Deranged Radio on your mobile devices. Simply visit your app store and search for the”TuneIn Radio” app, install, and search for Deranged Radio. That is it. Heck there are even apps for your other home devices. To the right there are the direct links for the devices that are supported.

Computers:   Tunes or Winamp   |   Windows Media Player   |    Real Player   |   QuickTime

Mobile Devices:   iPhone/iPad   |   Android   |   Palm   |   Blackberry   |   Samsung Bada   |   Windows Phone

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The “Couch”

Welcome to the madness of my mind's eye. What is reality in my mind may just be the dreams/nightmares of all the patients that I have had over the years. Occupational hazard?... Perhaps.

Let me first introduce myself, I am Dr. Siglov Freudivan. I am a humble, outspoken shrink with NOS energy drinks coursing through in my veins, a warped outlook on society, and an insatiable hunger for music. Some people may call me and my way of life abnormal, but why be normal. Who really has the right to say what is normal and what is insane. Life is too short to be the round peg for the round hole is what I say. I say let’s all embrace our inner psycho and throw away our corporate titles and get back to being real. I don’t want to be like the Jones’s, I want make them run and hide, rethinking their so called views on the perfect life.

Just think of me as the inner voice that everyone has but is afraid to use.

Why I wonder, do people in this day and age feel like they have to censor their thoughts and think  that they have to live a certain, preordained life? I sure the hell don’t! I know that there are a few people out there that do use this voice and try to live this way, but sadly they are  usually the ones that do it for all the wrong reasons. They are not trying to change the world, screaming loudly atop their soap box, shaking up the norm to make people think for themselves instead of what the corporate super sponsors on the TV want them to be.

Nope, they are  just simply screaming out for attention and usually end up on my couch telling me how the world has mistreated them. Tisk, tisk, tisk, on them I say, and they probably got what they deserved… well at least that is what I write repetitively on my note pad as they spew utter nonsense and ramble on for the entire hour that they are paying me hundreds of dollars and hour for. Don’t believe me, I have closets full of note pads, show them to you if you like.

Better yet, that brings me to what I want to share with all you, my “Deranged Heads” out there, I want to let you in on the secret world of the insane and the mentally disturbed people out there which goes by the name, “Normal”. You know these people, they are in every neighborhood. They have problems that they try to hide behind closed doors so no one knows who they truly are. Their thoughts, my thoughts and whatever else comes up, will be discussed, my files are screaming to be heard. Of course the names and places will be changed to protect the innocent but the stories are real and come straight from what I call, “The Couch Files.”

So step right in, get comfortable and yes, the “Couch” is right this way, ready and waiting.

Email the Doc – Dr. Siglov Freudivan

The Office

Here's the 411 on Deranged Radio - Music for the Bipolar!

Our dispensary is open daily, all day, everyday! – Not a good source of Vitamin A-Z, Calcium.

Deranged Radio is streaming live from the furthest inner reachings of the mind, or middle of nowhere, we are here to provide you with the candy to tantalize your ears for years. From the twisted news that flows down the pipelines, to the reviews of shows gallore, and even the disjointed thoughts in our own little heads. Our  orderlies are here to serve and entertain.

We’ve been there from the beginning, the very beginning! That big loud sound in the far off distance, the hot and cold, the smog and information abound. Yeah, been there and done that. So rest assured, We got this! (with the help of all those lovely voices ringing in our ears).

No matter the mental state, everyone is entitled to experience utter greatness. Dosage instructions are provided on the back of this label. Please peel here!

Lines of communication are important

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell spoke the first words across telephone lines, the need for staying in contact became a way of life. Our lines of communication are always open to you, our patients. Our office hours are... well 24/7, 365 days a year. So here's the bad news: US Mail, the like, and Walk-ins are not welcome. Doctor's orders. No solicitors, trespassers will be tranquelized and used as sketch pads. Loiterers will be given a lollipop. Ready for the good news? CUPCAKES FOR ALL! and I promise we receive e-mails!