Jeremy Corbyn, the climate crisis, nuclear war and feminism: the former Oasis songwriter has opinions to burn. But it’s all a bit of a laugh until it gets to his younger brother

‘This,” says Noel Gallagher, nodding towards my dictaphone, “is going to end in trouble. It always does.” Well, let’s hope so! An hour spent in Gallagher’s company is thrillingly unfiltered territory. “Interviews are an occupational hazard,” he says, settling down with a cup of tea. “But that’s because they’re such weird situations. You’re sat in a room with some guy from Stockholm who you’ve never met and he’s asking you about your mum. It’s fucking preposterous. Because the honest answer to that is: ‘What’s it got to do with you?’ But the smart answer is always: ‘I liked her until she gave birth to Liam.’”

Oh yes, Liam. There will be plenty more about the youngest Gallagher brother, some of it delivered with real venom now their relationship has sunk to its lowest point. Last month, Noel accused Liam of “intimidating women” after posting screenshots allegedly showing aggressive texts sent to Noel’s teenage daughter, Anaïs. And there will be plenty more on other subjects likely to land him in a spot of bother, too: including the rarely discussed benefits of global warming. “I’m walking around today in a T-shirt, and I’m thinking …” Gallagher looks up to mock-assess the weather, fully aware he is about to send some Guardian readers berserk, “… it’s not even remotely chilly. Sure, it’ll be bad for my grandkids. But I’ve not met them yet. They might be a load of cunts, d’you know what I mean?”

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