One of the many wonderful experiences that we as women get to endure is recieving absolutely asinine texts from men on a regular basis. Amazing. The actual good news is that technology now allows us to take screenshots of the vile shit we receive, and the blessed internet then gives us the oppurtunity to expose these dudes to the world. What a time to be alive.

An iconic Twitter account called @SheRateDogs posts texts that women receive from their exes (and other shitty men). As the profile’s bio says, “it’s like WeRateDogs except the dogs are your exes.” This is the content we crave.

Here are some of our favorite posts from the site. We can’t promise you won’t swear off men for the rest of eternity after reading these.

1. When men think they are being convincing.

2. Who says chivalry is dead?!

3. Men know they can just…go to therapy, right?

4. Men are so perceptive!

5. Nice guys finish last!

6. The wrath of a man who doens’t get an immediate repsonse knows no bounds.

7. Okay, this woman is a genius.

8. Why are men like this?

9. Literally weird flex, but okay.

10. Women are so dramatic…

11. Nope.

12. Get a life, dude.

13. I just…I can’t.

14. Welp, this escalated quickly.

15. This amount of unchecked male confidence should be illegal.

16. Bye.