16 people share the weirdest questions they’ve been asked during sex. Don’t bring up grandma!

16 people share the weirdest questions they’ve been asked during sex. Don’t bring up grandma!

Pillow talk can be incredibly bonding and at times very sexy, but it can also be completely bizarre and disorienting, particularly if it’s in the middle of the sex act. Obviously, every relationship (or hook up) involves a different understanding of what’s agreed upon. But there are times when one sex partner truly goes rogue with the mid-sex conversation and it completely kills the mood.

For the people having sex, these moments may be less than ideal. But for all of us voyeurs on the internet looking for a laugh – they are just what the doctor ordered.

You know the adage, the only way to get over the time an MDMA-fueled filmed student talked about his mom’s wardrobe during sex is to go on Reddit.

But seriously, skimming a recent Twitter thread made me feel much better about some of the weird bed exchanges I’ve had over the years. 16 people shared the weirdest questions they’ve been asked, and these questions invariably open up a Pandora’s box of other questions.

1. TFW she’s SUPER into your job.

2. TFW he’s already giving away the baby.

3. When grandma is creepily invoked.

4. When missionary is full of shock value.

5. When she asks 73 questions.

6. TFW the sex talk makes you feel bad.

7. When his mind is on the chicken.

8. TFW she asks about your mom at the weirdest time.

9. TFW the pee tape is your life.

10. TFW your partner doesn’t want to move.

11. TFW pregnancy is the bedroom talk.

12. TFW the answer is in the question.

13. When there’s a creepy sister theme.

14. TFW she really HATES your socks.

15. When they ask about STDs a little too late.

16. TFW he needs intel on his brother in bed.

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