James Franco and Nick Jonas star in the trailer for the frat-boy drama ‘Goat.’

In the intense and brooding drama Goat, set for release on September 23rd, Nick Jonas surprisingly wowed audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival with his conflicted portrayal of Brett, a young frat pledge’s defensive older brother.

How Nick Jonas Went From Christian Pop to Top 40 Heartthrob »But he’s helpless to save his sibling Brad (Ben Schnetzer) when the merciless hazing from the elders of Phi Sig takes a series of increasingly dark turns. In the film’s newly released trailer, the mistreatment escalates from “a little over the line” to “technically a war crime” in short order.
The trailer highlights Goat producer James Franco’s brief appearance on the other side of the camera as a long-since-graduated Phi Sig member who likes to visit his old stomping grounds and relive the glory days. 
Though the music selection almost makes this slow-burning, carefully measured psychodrama look like a Spring Breakers sequel hulked out on testosterone, the trailer captures the frightening toxic masculinity that invigorates the movie. As a new round of freshmen start at colleges around America, the nightmare underbelly of higher education’s most time-honored institution will be put on full display.

Source: RollingStone – Videos