The Importance of Good Gear:


I’ve seen some great bands who had some really catchy songs that somehow just sounded a little flat. The biggest culprit for this is poor gear. While playing a ton of shows with what I would consider my bands ” sister band” (A band you travel and share shows with). Night after night I would cringe at the bass players plunky out of tune guitar. They had great songs but it sounded floppy and out of tune because of one instrument in the band. It’s not always the bass either. I’ve seen bands where everyone has nice  gear except one guitar player who’s playing through some cheap solid state combo amp or stack that sounds thin and wimpy, or his guitar is out of intonation and wont stay tuned. Or a drummer who’s cymbals are shredded or who is in serious need of new heads on his drums. Doesnt matter who’s to blame, it just needs to stop. The worst is band members who don’t even have tuners.If you consider yourself professional enough to get paid to play music, you should have pro gear to match. If doing shots after the show and smoking pot with your buddies is your priority …great! We need listeners too. But if you wanna take your band seriously put down the bowl, save some money and go get a nice tube amp, a nice Sure SM58 for your vocals, some new heads or cymbals on your kit, or whatever your neglecting to make your rig professional.