This is my latest creation, a list of songs I love and why. Please tell me why you love or hate these songs. I’ll start with some of my true favorites.

1. Stevie Ray Vaughn: Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix wrote this tune, SRV did an instrumental cover one of his albums. This song reminds me of late nights in my dads recording studio drinking cheap wine and listening to great music. This song takes me away to another world when i hear it. It may be my favorite guitar song of all time and its the song i want to play at my funeral. Guitarist everywhere will forever quest for this guitar tone.

2.Led Zeppelin: Going to California -This song really defines a time in music when love, creativity and tenderness had a place, nothing like the mindless garbage we are force-fed today. Simple guitar lines, smooth vocals, great lyrics. Simply amazing. Theres a magic that comes over me when i hear this song and i feel instantly soothed.

3. Strung Out: Letter Home – A touching introspection from a soldier at wars point of view. This song has amazing lyrics, great music and an overall great sound. It always makes me appreciate the sacrifice that our armed forces make daily and it reminds me how important telling people how you feel about them is.

4.Ray LaMontange: Jolene – Any one who’s ever lost anyone knows just how this song feels. This guys voice is a real pleasure, and the organic sparse arrangement  is refreshing.  Awesome lyrics!!!

Ok if you don’t know these songs check em out and leave your comments here.