Curb your ego!!!   Ego is the worst thing you can bring to your band.  Confidence, self-assurance, even a lil touch of cockiness have always been a characteristic of the rock musician,but being humble has its place. Ego is the ugly version of these things.

Ego infects every aspect of a band: Songwriting is a draining process when one members ego gets in the way of allowing a song to evolve and grow. When a member holds on too tightly to his or her idea because their ego tells them their idea is better than others, the song suffers and has a lack of creative input from other members. This tells the other members you’re not a team player, your self-righteous and narcissistic. When your band mates don’t like a part you write, or they have another idea, let it flow…try it every way that may be presented ,then put it to a vote. Majority rules. If one member feels like they are above being at every band rehearsal because “they don’t need to practice” the rest of the band suffers. When the singer is an ego maniac and feels like he/she alone has creative direction with the entire band and all  creative processes, the band can feel misguided and unappreciated. In some cases the band may feel misrepresented which can be a recipe for disaster, especially if the singer is rude or in appropriate at times.

The live show ego: I’ve seen it a thousand times….One guy in the band has his guitar up so loud he’s drowning out the rest of the band. Whats worse is he’s drunk and on an ego trip cause his slutty girlfriend and her gang of whorish groupies are feeding his pee brain these delusions of grandeur.  This guy usually owns sub par gear which adds to the screeching ear raping happening to his dwindling fans. The sound man at whatever club your playing at isn’t gonna want to see your face again and nor will the audience. Ego drives the super long extended solo jam that sounded great in your head, but cleared half the people in the bar cause they didn’t really care if you know every scale and mode know to man or how fast you can play all of them without stopping.

YOUR NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE A-HOLE!!!! Check the ego at the door, be a team player and don’t hold on too tight!!… E.lectroshock