I’ve seen some bands that sounded really good, had nice gear, plenty of energy on stage and great songs, but something was a little off. One guy was dressed like a rocker in black with studded bracelets, one guy was a hippy with dreads and tie dye, one guy was wearing a jersey like a sports fan  and the other something different. Now don’t get me wrong, I think you should be who you are. After all music is an expression and a form of art. However, the impact of the band’s music and the message they were trying to convey was lost on this hodge podge of styles. You don’t have to wear a uniform or look just like one and other but you should have a certain flow.

When you see a band who’s tight and has a style. You would know they were a band if you saw them on stage or at your local Starbucks. You could tell they all had a specific flow about them.  You don’t have to be cliché to accomplish this either. A band should have a common goal in mind and part of that is your style.The style of songs you play, the types of messages you wish to convey, and the look of the band all go hand in hand. Even if your style is hoodies and jeans…if one guy comes in caches and a polo, its gonna be awkward to look at from a fans point of view. Dont be that person!!! Your bringing the band down!!!

So spend a little time thinking of your band’s style and dress accordingly…it makes a big difference.

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