Put on a show!!!

Nothing is more boring than watching four or five guys stand still with their heads pointed at their guitar or feet while they play. People come to be entertained,to feel a part of an experience happening on stage. Music can be cathartic, energizing, inspiring and moving. People  came to see you not only play your music ,but express how you feel so they can relate and feel it through you. When you see a band like Story of the Year full of energy, jumping around the stage, bouncing in rhythm and slinging guitars through the air….All you see is a sea of people moving in unison, inspired by the energy before them and absolutely lost in a moment with the band. That’s what real art is, an escape from reality, a transcendence from the mundane routine of daily life. Give the fans what they crave and deserve..your energy. Spill your guts out or hang up your axes and go the hell home.

Obviously we are talking rock music here, but this applies to all genres. If you’re not having fun and showing your passion, believe me…no one else is feeling it either. Tori Amos toured for years with herself and her piano. But when she took the stage there was no denying her passion and energy. People got it because she was so inspired and expressive with her playing and singing. So i challenge you…open up and spill the blood, the energy, the memories, good or bad, the anger, the joy, put your fist in the air or your hand on your heart, grab your crotch like MJ, flip your hair like Beyoncé, smash your gear like The Who, and light a fire like Hendrix. We want your blood sweat and tears.!!!!!!! Bottom line, Put on a show!!

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