Just goes to show that once a head doc you are always observing society when and where ever you are at.

Point in case, while I was getting the car aligned today, I was sitting in the waiting room with a few other customers who were, like me, forced to watch bad tv or read the supplied magazines and other literature that they supplied. The guy to the left of me was in a desperate search to find that perfect ringtone, so he played every one on his phone numerous times. And the gentlemen to my right smelt as if he had been rolling around in diesel fuel and wet animal of some sort. So in the midst of my slow painful waiting room torture, I noticed an innocent looking trade mag, you know the type of magazines where people sell cars and other automotive stuff. I figured that this would be the lesser of two evils, cause conversation with these two seemed at the time, too taxing for 9:00 am on a saturday.

Flip… flip… flip… pages of overpriced, redneck treasured possessions for sale. None of which intrigued me at all. What am I going to do with a 20 year old school bus converted into a rv, or an abused truck that look as if you hit a bump parts would fall off? Then, right there in the middle of all this was the craziest thing I have ever seen advertised. No mind you I have been dealing with the mentally deranged for years and even this shocked me.

“Sirris” simple heading, and then, “Sirris needs a date! Loves taking long runs on the beach, watching tv, playing in the pool. Very social and loves being the center of attention.” Ok, I know what you are thinking and no you are wrong. This isn’t a personal ad for a person, it was for a dog. Yep a half page ad, in living color and with pictures of the one and only Sirris doing, yep you guessed it, running on the beach, watching tv, playing in the pool and the most shocking a picture of the this lonely pup spread out as if he was in a Calvin Klein photo shoot.That is where I sat the magazine down and thought to myself about what a crazy world we live in.

So if you have a lonely poodle who loves the same thing as good ol’ Sirris, look him up. I am sure that he probably has a facebook page, maybe even a twitter account. What does he look like you ask, he’ll be the one one in the nice pair of BVD’s, running shoes and lounging poolside.

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