As if Lindsay Lohan’s past wasn’t enough, seems this boozey babe has more trouble coming her way.

Sources have stated that Miss Lohan is in abit of trouble with the IRS. At least now she has something in common with a decent percentage of Americans aside from the obvious?

This has certainly humbled me. In all my life I never thought I’d be in trouble for something like this.

Perhaps she took the “Matrix”s follow the white rabbit a bit too seriously. Might be time to dye some sense back into your head, Lindsay. It’s just a fact, your money is not entirely your money. However, to defend her a bit I suppose it’s a hard life when you do next to nothing for your career in that particular tax year and spend all your money on who knows what.

Lohan reportedly took back her statement supporting her being in trouble and quickly turned it around on the people she pays to keep her out of trouble. Hard for the people you “pay” to get their money and care much about covering up your mistakes when you’re in jail and not out and about to issue those lofty checks. Once she realized that making enemies of her “help” was unwise she recanted again stating it was her evil alien twin who was to blame.

“She told me she would take care of me. She said everything would be better this time and then we could all be free to skip around the park with all the Pez and Citra life had to offer.”

That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us either.

We’ve tried to get a hold of said evil alien twin. It would appear that she was dancing atop bars and making it rain on Pluto. A bit too cold and dark out that far in the boondocks for me, if I do say so myself. More power to you.

But don’t worry, all those cok… crocodile tears might help you again for what the millionth time in front of a judge? Keep trying, we’ll keep watching to see how that works out for you! Oh and pay your taxes.

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